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Socializing Safely: the 25 In/50 Out Rule

September 28th, 2021
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To all students,

This coming weekend has traditionally been an active one in Antigonish. However, StFX has transitioned Homecoming 2021 celebrations online this weekend due to continuing health and safety concerns associated with COVID-19. We ask all StFX students to continue to do their part by respecting the suspension of the in-person event this year out of concern for our community. With COVID case numbers continuing to grow in the province, it remains extremely important to take COVID-19 precautions and by so doing support our ongoing efforts to stay together for face-to-face campus and academic experiences. 

Double-vaccinated or not, we are not free and clear from the pandemic. We must continue to be cognizant of our own social habits to avoid an outbreak, which, in the worst-case scenario, would introduce the potential of us having to transition to online delivery. It’s incumbent on all of us to ensure that doesn’t happen. 


Under the current Phase 4 COVID-19 provincial reopening plan, students can host or attend “informal social gatherings” without masks and social distancing provided such gatherings are no larger than 25 people indoors or 50 people outdoors. Gatherings that exceed the 25 Indoor/50 Outdoor limits are against the law and violations may be subject to a $2,000 fine by the RCMP, and/or charges within StFX’s Community Code of Conduct.  Ultimately, it’s about keeping us safely together. By focusing on keeping yourself safe and healthy, you, in turn, keep your friends and community safe and healthy. And it’s easy to do:

-    If you are planning to be social, do it the right way. Remember the 25 In/50 Out Rule. 
-    If you happen to be at a social event that exceeds the gathering limits, walk away. 
-    If you are hosting an event that winds up exceeding the 25 In/50 Out Rule, call the RCMP for assistance 902-863-6500.
-    For students living in residence, please respect the guest policy that has been communicated via your residence account.
-    Take care of each other.

Also, if you’ve been travelling outside of Antigonish or attending large gatherings with people from outside your regular social circle, please monitor for symptoms. If you are asymptomatic pick up a rapid test kit at Bloomfield or Mulroney Hall and do a self-swab – just in case, you have been exposed. If you have symptoms, isolate yourself and arrange for a test. Last year, Xaverians consistently demonstrated care for their community through keeping gathering sizes small, wearing masks, social distancing and isolating when symptomatic or travelling. In particular, the respect shown by StFX students for adhering to maximum gathering size limits and the reduction in calls for emergency services for alcohol and substance related issues was noted and applauded by the entire community that you are a part of. 

Let’s continue to show what the Xaverian community can do. This is our home, let’s show this community how much we care about it.

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