Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

To the StFX, Antigonish and wider community - Re COVID Outbreak

December 11th, 2021
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To the StFX, Antigonish and wider community members,

I want to begin by offering my apology to all affected within our community by the current outbreak.  I have heard from our students, faculty and staff, their families, business owners and residents of the town and county of Antigonish -- I hear the worry in your voices, the concern and anxiety in your notes and I understand the anger that is being felt after working together for so long to get it right.

Please know that we deeply regret the consequences of the activities which should have been celebratory occasions for our university and community. Hearing how the virus is impacting our campus and our wider community is simply heartbreaking.

We are so sorry – I am so sorry. None of this was intended.

Our university will learn from this, and please know that we are committed to working with you to rebuild the trust on which our previously successful 20-month journey through the pandemic was supported.

At present, our efforts are focused on supporting the students and our community in getting through this outbreak.  Members of the University are working in real time to respond to each and every emerging circumstance.  Moving forward we will continue our work with Public Health, and we will engage with members of the broader community, to better understand how to protect our community in the future.

My thoughts, and those of my team, are with all who have been impacted by this outbreak.


Dr. Andy Hakin

President and Vice-Chancellor

St. Francis Xavier University



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