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About Psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. At StFX, students are taught by active research psychologists studying both human and animal behaviour. Studying psychology at StFX will give you an understanding of the ways that psychological scientists apply their knowledge to solve problems in the real world.

Why study Psychology at StFX?

The StFX Psychology Department is led by a team of professors and lab instructors with varying perspectives on behaviour, development, health, social relationships, mental processing, and culture. As a psychology student at StFX, you will have opportunities to gain first-hand experience with psychological research in our lab courses and by working with your professors, lab instructors, and senior honours students. Many of our courses also have service learning options enabling you to apply your knowledge in community settings. In our program, you will receive a foundation in basic psychological science and the opportunity to choose from a wide selection of courses that give you a depth of knowledge in various fields, including forensic, gender, developmental, social and personality, abnormal, cultural, biopsychology, and health, with several courses available in each field. 

First Year Psychology:

In the first year, Psychology 100 (Introduction to Psychology) will acquaint you with the basic concepts and methods of psychological science.  Foundation courses in core psychological processes at the 2nd year will round out your knowledge and help you decide on the path of your education and select from our wide-ranging upper-level courses. Upper-level courses are available in a variety of areas including Forensic Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Health Psychology, Neuroscience, Cognition, Neuropsychology, Developmental Psychology, Social and Personality Psychology, Human Sexuality, and the Psychology of Gender

Rewarding careers in Psychology:

As a Psychology graduate, you will have a broad understanding of behavior and development. After completing their Psychology degree, many StFX students successfully compete for placements in graduate and professional programs across Canada and abroad. Additionally, the many options for experiential learning within our Psychology program at StFX have transformed the lives of students who are now engaged in a variety of dynamic careers.  Our graduates are practicing psychologists, psychology professors, human resources experts, social workers, physicians, lawyers, teachers, and law enforcement and corrections officers, to name a few.  

Flexible degree choices:

Students can pursue a B.A. with a major or honours in Psychology, or take Psychology as a subsidiary. Students can also pursue a B.Sc. major or honours in Psychology. We now offer the unique option of a concentration in Forensic Psychology. See the links on the right-hand side for more details on these exciting choices.

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