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About Economics

Economics explores issues of central importance to the human condition at the local, national and global levels. These issues include unemployment, inflation, poverty and inequality, pollution and environmental degradation, sustainable economic development, depletion of fish stocks and other resources, international economic interactions, budget deficits and national debts.

Why study Economics at StFX?

You will join an intimate learning environment where you explore some of the most challenging topics within your field. Small class sizes in upper year courses facilitate maximum interaction with your professors and peers and promotes a student-centered environment.

You can also participate, through groups like the Economics Society, in the intellectual life of the department by being involved in the choice of speakers and other activities.

First Year Economics:

In the first year, Introductory Economics (ECON 101/102) familiarizes you with economic concepts and methodologies used in examining pressing problems and issues. Classes focus on inflation, unemployment, international trade, price distortions and national policies such as fiscal and monetary policy, trade policy, and the regulation of prices.

Rewarding careers in Economics:

The study of economics provides a sound understanding of fundamental aspects of the world around us. It focuses attention on the structure of society, while developing your ability to analyze problems logically. This means a wide range of career opportunities at financial institutions, large and small corporations, think-tanks, and government and non-government agencies for those wishing to pursue careers in such areas as law, management, journalism and public policy.

Flexible degree choices:

You can earn a B.A., a B.Sc. or a B.B.A. honours with a concentration in Economics. In the B.A. program, you can opt for an honours, including with a subsidiary subject, advanced major or major. The B.A. advanced major and major can be combined with a minor in Business Administration. These can also be combined with an advanced major or major in Development Studies.

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