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Public Policy and Governance

As a StFX Public Policy and Governance student, you will study the world of public affairs and leadership. This new program involves introducing students to a broad field that integrates many different disciplines to answer the key questions: how do we solve the common problems we have as a society, and how do we organize ourselves to provide those solutions? This involves analysis of government and other public institutions, their processes for tacking policy problems, and how to analytically approach the design, implementation and assessment of public policy.

Why study Public Policy and Governance at StFX?

This is a new program in 2017, drawing from the expertise of several departments such as political science, economics, philosophy, sociology and history. StFX has a long history of engagement in the public affairs of our community, and in inspiring students to grow into leadership positions. Our university is a dynamic scholarly environment where professors believe that research and teaching flourish together. It is a place where you feel comfortable debating current issues and solving problems in the classroom and beyond it, broadening your understanding of the world. Here you can have close contact with your professors and fellow students in a positive, accessible setting for learning.

Rewarding careers in Public Policy and Governance

Public Policy and Governance students can pursue careers in government at all levels including international agencies, law, journalism, non-governmental organizations, teaching, policy research, and political parties.

Flexible degree choices

At StFX, you can pursue a major, joint major and honours with subsidiary degree in Public Policy and Governance. The degree can be combined with a wide variety of arts disciplines or business administration. A certificate of French language proficiency makes a powerful combination.

In year one, Public Policy and Governance 101 explores key concepts, theories and methods. It introduces students to the big ideas about what policy and governance are for, provides a foundational knowledge of governing institutions, the policy process and the challenges of leadership. And it gets students started on the possibilities of policy analysis. Students should also take Economics 101 and 102, and Political Science 101 or 102.

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