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Scholarships at StFX


St. Francis Xavier University offers over $7 Million in merit-­based scholarships and financial aid to its new and current undergraduate students.

Students with an admissions average of 85% are eligible for an entrance scholarship worth at least $5,000 over four years of study.

Consideration for scholarships at StFX begins with your application to the university.

Scholarship Eligibility

To be eligible for StFX Entrance and Major Scholarships, students must have a minimum average of 85% from three final grade 12 university preparatory level courses, and meet the deadlines below:

Important Deadlines:


You need to:

  • Have completed the admissions application to StFX.
  • Have submitted your grade 12 first semester transcript.


Once accepted, you need to:

  • Log into
  • Complete your scholarship questionairre and disclaimer.
  • Ensure all scholarship application documents are uploaded.

Applying for Scholarships 

  • All scholarship applications are completed online.
  • Once accepted to StFX use your login information to access our Scholarship Application Site.
  • Students will complete scholarship profiles and will be matched to various awards based on Grade 12 averages.
  • For school guidance counsellors, the Phillip W. Oland and J.P. McCarthy Scholarships nomination form is found here.


Assistance with Scholarships


Important Information:

  • Scholarship eligibility is determined in February based on three final grade 12 university preparatory level courses.
  • Conditions of maintaining a renewable Entrance Scholarship are that you are enrolled in 24 credit hours from September to April, and maintain a minimum overall average of 80%.


In-Course Scholarships

In-­course scholarships are awarded to students who have completed at least one academic year of 24 credits in the fall and winter terms combined towards a first degree. They are awarded on the basis of academic performance at StFX University. A minimum average of 80% is required.

  • Students are grouped by year of study and degree program

    Group A: B.A. and Music

    Group B: B.B.A.

    Group C: B.Sc. and Dip.Eng.

    Group D: B.Sc.N., B.Sc.H.N. and B.Sc./B.A. H.K.

  • Students eligible for more than one university funded scholarship (in course or renewable) will receive the largest to which the student is entitled
  • Students with an average of 80% or higher will qualify for $1,000
  • Students ranked in the top 5% of their group will qualify for $2,000
  • Students ranked first in their group will qualify for $5,000


Contact the Scholarship Office:

For more information on any of the scholarships, please contact

  • Phone: 1.902­.867­.4930
  • Email:
  • Mail:

    Registrar’s office – Admissions

    St. Francis Xavier University

    2329 Notre Dame Avenue

    Antigonish, Nova Scotia

    Canada B2G 2W5


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