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Transfer Students

StFX welcomes applications from students who wish to join the StFX community and have completed credit courses at a university or college. Courses completed at another university or college may be applied to a degree at StFX. These courses – known as transfer credits – are recognition of the academic coursework completed.


Are you a transfer student?

A transfer student is one who has attended a college or university since graduating from high school. Note: A student currently in high school who has completed college or university courses will be considered for admission as a high school applicant, not a transfer student, but will be eligible for transfer credits.

Students interested in transferring to StFX must meet the admissions requirements, for degrees at StFX. Please see Admissions Requirements for more information.

Please Note: Transfer students who have applied to the Four-Year nursing program can expect to receive a decision on their application in May. No nursing offers will be made for transfer students until all transcripts for second semester have been received. The deadline to have applied to the program was March 1st and all students seeking admission to the program must have completed CASPer.

Here are a few things you need to know:

  • If you are currently attending a post-secondary institution in Nova Scotia, find out about possible course equivalencies at
  • The transfer credit review process will take approximately 4 weeks. Assessments may take longer if supporting documentation is required.
  • StFX will consider all previous coursework for transfer credit.
  • A maximum of 60 credits will be granted for transfer.
  • The structure of some programs may limit the number of transfer credits eligible to be granted.
  • StFX offers transfer credit for relevant courses with a grade of 50% or higher.
  • Grades for courses accepted for transfer will not appear on the StFX transcript.
  • Grades for courses accepted for transfer are excluded from StFX average calculations.
  • In order to graduate from StFX with an undergraduate diploma or degree, a student is required to complete a minimum of 50% of the required credits at StFX.


Transferring credits to StFX is easy.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Submit an application for admission to StFX.
  • Request your current university or college to send an official transcript, detailing the courses you have completed or are in progress, directly to StFX.
  • In some cases, StFX may also ask you to submit detailed course descriptions for courses you completed at your previous university or college. All course descriptions must be in English.

We do the rest!


The review process: what happens and when will you know about your transfer credits?

StFX will review your courses for transferability and inform you of the outcomes as quickly as possible. The time required to complete the review can vary, but will generally fit within a 4-­6 week timeframe.


After the review: how you can use your transfer credits?

Any courses that can be transferred to your program of study at StFX will reduce the number of credits needed to complete your program at StFX. The number of previous credits that can be applied to your program depends upon two things:

  1. the courses you completed; and
  2. the number of transfer credits permitted in your program of study.


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