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Lifetime Email

With the use of Email Forwarding you may establish a "lifetime" community email address which does not change, and which you may feel free to give out to family and friends without worrying that it will be altered in six months to avoid spam or because you relocate or change jobs or internet service providers.

Here is how it works:

  • You create an email address in the online community by providing a name in the field provided.  
  • You can then give this address out to friends and family.
  • This address, however, is not a “real” email address with an email box and email server. Instead, when emails are sent to that address, they are automatically forwarded to the real email address you have on file in the Community.
  • Each time your email address changes, you simply update your personal email address on file, and all email reaches you without you having to inform everyone of the change.

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