Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

Student Stories: Financial Aid Makes a Difference

Amanda Momberquette

Hometown: Sydney, Nova Scotia

Program at StFX: 2nd year, Bachelor of Arts in Human Kinetics

I’m extremely grateful for the financial support I received through the StFX bursary program.  My bursary has given me the opportunity to focus on my education and not worry about the financial impact associated with tuition and the expense of living away from home. 

These programs are important because they help students achieve academic success without the financial worry.  Many students would never be able to attend University without these financial supports, so your gift to the student financial aid program will help make a difference in a student’s life


Jessie Doyle

Hometown: Antigonish, Nova Scotia

Program at StFX: Graduated in 2019 with a BA (Honours) in Psychology and a concentration in Forensic Psychology. Currently working towards a PhD in Psychology at UNB.

The impact that receiving bursaries has had on my ability to study at StFX is really quite overwhelming. Like many students, when I entered StFX I faced financial difficulties and worked between 25-35 hours each week at a fast food restaurant.  Dedicating that much energy into working had a substantial impact on my grades, and further, my belief that I even was even capable of excelling in a university setting.

Before entering my third year, I took a leap of faith and dedicated myself to my studies in Psychology. This decision meant I had to quit my job in order to spend time on my course work and excel academically. My marks improved and I was able to become more involved with extracurricular activities on campus, like the Psychology Society. This led to me being accepted in the Honours program, and the Special Concentration in Forensic Psychology. Through it all, I also received substantial financial aid from the bursary program.

When I refer to impact of receiving financial aid through StFX’s bursary program, it’s not simply a matter of bursaries making it possible for me to afford expensive hair products or fancy clothing. Receiving bursaries (and I cannot stress this enough) has made the difference between having enough money in the bank for my insurance to be withdrawn (or not), being able to put gas in my car (or not), maintain an active cell phone (or not), travel for research purposes (or not) ... the list goes on.

Receiving this support allowed me to focus on continuing my enthralling pursuit of knowledge, while managing the stress (and its detrimental repercussions) associated with financial insecurity. In sum, I would not be where I am today, neither academically nor in terms of positive mental health, were it not for the support of StFX’s bursary program. I can only definitively speak to my own experience, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the financial support, self-confidence, and security that the bursary program provides to so many other students has rippled in many positive capacities – the likes of which we may never fully know.


Azaro Roker

Hometown: Nassau, Bahamas

Program at StFX: 4th year, Development Studies

Bursaries help me to get by on a monthly basis. They help me pay for food, and bills like my rent.

These kinds of student financial aid programs are extremely important, because they help students with their everyday basic needs. I know how students value the school and the bursary program, and I would say that your donation will help a lot of students like me.


Kieran Ward

Hometown: Kingston, Ontario

Program at StFX: 4th year BBA student, Major in Management and Leadership

My bursary helped pay for textbooks, allowed me to get involved with extra-curricular opportunities on campus, and helped make it possible to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity in South Carolina last spring.

Student Financial Aid programs like these give deserving students opportunities to flourish and take ownership over their university experience, while having peace of mind that part of their schooling is paid for. Many students stress about having the funds to be able to achieve their degree, and these programs are a major help for many students every single year.

Making a gift means you give the gift of education. You are giving students peace of mind and the confidence to learn and grow. You are educating young minds to succeed and be leaders of the future.

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