Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada
Alley Heaps Chair StFX

Dr. H. Stanley and Doreen Alley Heaps Chair in Computing Science

The Dr. H. Stanley and Doreen Alley Heaps Chair is concentrated in two areas:

  1. support for the scholarly pursuit of computing science
  2. scholarships and summer internships for computing science students.

Terms of Reference


The aim of the endowment is to support both pure basic research and new and significant applications.  It will also be concerned with the management of technological change for the benefit of society as a whole, and not be concerned with technological change whose aim is financial gain for certain distinct sectors of that society.

New faculty may make application for bridge assistance which will serve as a supplement to their salaries and it should not exceed a period of 3 years.  In this way, a small university, such as StFX, will be in an improved position to attract and retain such faculty, who once established, may stay.  In no instance should such grants be regarded as a regular salary supplement.  The university and the new faculty would decide on his/her future later.  This faculty appointment would be referred to as the Alley Heaps Associate.

Exceptional faculty (already at the university) who are at the point of retirement may apply for a grant to allow them to remain as mentors on a consultative basis after retirement.  Again such grants would be on a short-term basis and not be regarded as a regular subsidy.  The purpose would be to benefit students and existing faculty through the continuing presence of one or another eminent scholars from the university for short terms.  This faculty appointment would be referred to as the Alley Heaps Chair professor.

Eminent scholars from elsewhere, currently active in the field, could be nominated for a grant as the Alley Heaps Chair professor for short periods (2-4 months).  The purpose is to benefit students and existing faculty with insights into new developments from a new voice. This faculty appointment would be referred to as the Alley Heaps Chair professor

2017-18 Alley Heaps Visitng Chairs

  • Dr. Adnan Al-Anbuky, Professor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
  • Dr. Yngve Lamo, Professor of Informatics, Faculty of Engineering, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway
  • Professor Xingang Liu, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China


The endowement will also be used to provide in course scholarships and, if suitable in certain instances, to provide summer internships for outstanding students of computing science.  The scholarships will be awarded to students entering their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year of study.  Internships will be granted to students who will collaborate with faculty to conduct research throughout the summer.   Normally, up to 4 in-course scholarships for at least $2,000 will be granted.  In addition, up to 2 summer internships of at least $4,000 will be granted.

2017 Alley Heaps Summer Research Internship Award Winners

  • Aoife Puskas
  • Alexander Yakimenko
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