Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

Altus Group Chair in Emissions Research

StFX has signed a technology collaboration agreement with Altus Group for the exclusive worldwide commercialization usage rights of StFX’s vehicle-based Emissions Attribution via Computational Techniques (“ExACT”) gas leak detection technology.  Under the Terms of the Agreement, Dr. David Risk, Associate Professor of Earth Sciences and head of the StFX Fluxlab, is named Altus Group Chair in Emissions Research.  The agreement provides annual funding for research in support of advancing development of the ExACT technology, as well as revenues from commercial use of the technology by the Altus Group.  Altus Group’s Geomatics division will offer StFX’s ExACT technology as a service for energy providers and regulators.

Altus Group Chair in Emissions Research
Dr. David Risk, Department of Earth Sciences

StFX Fluxlab

The patented ExACT technology allows for detecting and mapping the emission of ground-sourced greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The ExACT sensor is mounted on a vehicle and collects near-ground geochemical readings that are uploaded to a cloud-based database and allows for real-time analysis.  The ExACT survey technology is capable of covering a large region at a very fine scale which provides operators with the detailed data and analytics they require to detect leaks before they become a regulatory issue. The ability to identify emissions in an efficient and cost effective manner allows producers to minimize the economic cost of lost commodities and maximize environmental protection.


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