Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada
Climate and Environment Research

Institute for Climate and Environment Research

The Institute for Climate and Environmental Research (ICER) is an inter-disciplinary research institute that brings together StFX research strengths in a wide range of areas related to the study of climate and the environment.

Research areas covered include: Climate Dynamics, Services and Adaptation; Biogeochemistry; Gas Emissions Flux; Biofouling Research; Marine Ecology; Green Chemistry; Environmental Economics & Policy; Environment and Indigenous peoples; Environment and Human Health; Environment and Social Change.  Participants in the Institute for Climate and Environmental Research focus on:

  • Achieving research excellence and impact – collaborating with partners to produce highly regarded scientific outputs, published in high quality scientific journals, as well as accessible and useable forms for community impact.
  • Generating high quality applications for external research funding from provincial, national and international research programs and agencies.
  • Producing local, national and global leaders in climate and environmental science who are prepared for a variety of career options, including graduate study. It is expected that this Institute will become one of Canada’s best for including an integrated research-teaching undergraduate education in climate and environment.
  • Helping to find creative solutions to complex national and global climate and environmental problems through research. Its public outreach and partnership activities will influence and stimulate local, regional, national and international discourse and actions on climate change (including mitigation and adaptation strategies) and other pressing environmental issues.

Serving as a highly visible platform and network for linking climate and environment research expertise at StFX, facilitating research partnerships, creating scholarly exchange on climate and environment issues, and generating external recognition of StFX research accomplishments and outcomes.

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