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Awards and Honours

Dr. Tara Callaghan - 2020 Winner of the University Research Award

Dr. Tara Callaghan is internationally recognized as a leading researcher in the development of children’s symbolic representation. Her research into the cross-cultural effects of symbolic understanding in children has led her to broaden her investigations into children’s understanding of reciprocity, fairness, and sharing across cultures.  She has studied children's development in Canada, India, Peru, Thailand, Samoa, and Japan.Tara brings rigor, creativity, and energy to her research program. In her cross-cultural work, she often takes student interns into the field where they hone their research skills and problem-solving abilities as they learn to appreciate the issues and challenges of doing this type of research. Currently Tara holds two federally-funded research grants, one in which she is longitudinally investigating preschool children’s reciprocal sharing in two cultures, India and Canada, and a second in partnership with international agencies in which she is investigating altruism, sharing, and compassion in Rohingya refugee children in refugee camps in Bangladesh. Her most recent project in Rohingya refugee camps has the potential to benefit the lives of children who have been witnesses or victims of conflict, violence, and displacement, as well as add to our understanding of how such experiences affect children’s development.

Dr. Mathias Nilges - 2019 Winner of the President's Research Award

Dr. Mathias Nilges, a StFX English professor since 2008, has in just over a decade, established a laudable record of achievement, positioning him as one of the pre-eminent literary and cultural critics of his generation. He holds a PhD in English from the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he won the 2009 University of Illinois at Chicago Outstanding Dissertation Award. He has been appointed an Obama Fellow, Obama Institute for Transnational American Studies, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany, May/June, 2019, and is a Jules Léger Scholar in the Humanities and Social Sciences at StFX. In 2018, he was named director of StFX’s Frank McKenna Centre for Leadership. A frequently invited keynote speaker, he was the prestigious Rheney Lecturer at Vanderbilt University. He was also the driving force behind The Examined Life Lab, a student-led online lab at StFX. He is the author of three monographs, including one in preparation, and numerous edited collections, edited journal volumes, articles, book chapters, reviews, and translations. He has been actively involved in the StFX community, from serving as the Chair, Faculty of Arts to an Immersion Serving Learning faculty leader. 

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