Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

Energy Reduction Action Program

The Energy Reduction Action Program (ERAP) is a campus-wide project aimed at reducing energy consumption.

Through ERAP phase 2, we’re replacing 18,000 lightbulbs with energy-efficient LED lamps. We’re also replacing and reconditioning Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, and installing new building controls to account for space temperature, CO2 and building occupancy.

These controls will allow energy systems to run at reduced settings during non-occupied times, making our energy usage more efficient.

StFX made a $12 million investment in ERAP 2, which is anticipated to result in more than $800,000 of energy savings each year. It’s also anticipated that ERAP 2 will reduce StFX’s energy consumption by more than 22% over 2015 levels.

Through ERAP’s lighting retrofit alone, annual savings are:

  • 1,805,000 kWh. This is equivalent to removing more than 160, 4-person households from Nova Scotia’s electricity grid.
  • 1500 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions: This is equivalent to the carbon-sequestering effect of having more than 33,000 trees growing per year.


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