Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

Sustainable dining

Sodexo Canada, StFX’s food service partner, has been named one Canada’s greenest employers on four separate occasions. Over the last number of years at StFX, Sodexo has implemented a number of progressive and sustainable changes to its dining program which have helped lessen our collective environmental impact.


Travel Mug Discount

Did you know? Sodexo offers a 25 cent discount when you use a travel mug instead of a disposable cup for a hot beverage.

Note: In support of StFX Sustainability’s awareness campaign, Sodexo is offering a 50 cent discount on a travel mug purchases from March 1 to March 15, 2017!


Take out containers and utensils

Sodexo replaced all plastic take-out bags with an environmentally-friendly, recyclable paper option. With approximately 750-1000 paper bags distributed each week, the environmental impact add up!

Sodexo’s take-out containers and utensils are also compostable. This keeps countless fork, knives, spoons and food boxes out of the trash.


Tray-less dining

Since switching to tray-less dining in Morrsion Hall, StFX’s main residence dining area, Sodexo has seen food waste fall by approximately 25 per cent. They also save 80,000 gallons of water every year – that’s almost enough to fill six 21-feet circular pools!


Fair trade and food sustainability

Sodexo has partnered with Aspretto and Nova Scotia’s Just Us to offer fair trade, sustainable products on campus. Even the sugar packets are fair trade, and wrapped in recyclable paper that’s printed with vegetable dye.

Learn more about Sodexo’s and sustainable dining at StFX.

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