Information for Current Students About Final Exams  

Final exams are held in December for first term courses and in April for second term and full year courses.  All final exams are written during the examination period approved by the University Senate and published in the Calendar of Events section of the Academic Calendar.  Normally these exam periods are 10-12 days in duration and normally there are two weekdays between the end of classes for the term and the start of the exam period when possible. 

The detailed exam schedule, which contains exam times and locations for each course for which there is an exam, is normally published by end of September for December exams and by early February for April exams.  Once the exam schedule is published, students can view their individual exam schedules by logging into myData.

Exam Information for Students and Faculty

The December 2024 exam schedule will be published on Friday, September 27, 2024.

Students may view their personalized exam schedule on myData. 

Faculty may view their personalized exam schedule on Faculty X-Reports.