Transitioning to University: Flourishing Foundations

Helping incoming students prepare for university

Worried about the transition to university this year? Join us for Flourishing Foundations – a 4-part transition program designed to make sure you can flourish at StFX. StFX empowers students to find their purpose and fulfill their potential at university; we offer an exceptional academic and social experience to incoming students. 

What is Flourishing? 

Flourishing is an evidence-informed framework that raises the bar on how we approach student success and well-being. Our mission is to create experiences at StFX that prepare you to be an engaged citizen – driven by purpose and connection. To do this, StFX supports student success and well-being across five learning goals: 

Critical Thinking – Future-Focused Planning – Adaptable Problem-Solving – Community-Mindedness – Innovative Leadership 

Program Pillars 

3 Students Sit Together in the Library

X Starts Here

Pillar 1: Preparing you for life at StFX

Prepare for life at StFX and explore your own path towards a state of flourishing. 

Student with a Hoodie Running While Other Students Cheer

Welcome & Orientation

Pillar 2: Meet new friends and discover campus resources

Education and social activities designed to help ease your transition to first year.

Fellow Students Talking Outside an University Building

X-Academic Transition (X-ACT)

Pillar 3: Preparing you for university academics

This program is designed to help you plan your year and prepare for your classes. 

2 Students Walking Together in the Bryan Murloney Institute of Govt. Building

First-Year Mentorship

Pillar 4: Your very own upper year peer mentor

Connect with upper year peer mentors with similar lived experiences.