Before You Book an Appointment: 

  1. Have you read our FAQ?
  2. Have you visited our ‘Major Declaration’ Page
  3. Have you read your Academic Calendar?

How to Book an Appointment  

Our online appointment booking system allows students to see the availability of our Academic Advisors and book their own appointments. Drop-in appointments are not available. If your issue is urgent, email  


*Note: to access this system for the first time, a short profile must be set up.  

This profile is separate from students' Banner accounts. A Banner PIN or StFX password is NOT automatically assigned to the WCOnline booking system. If the profile asks for information that you do not have, please enter NA.*  

If you need to make an appointment to speak to Dr. Cathy MacDonald, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, please email @email.    


Academic Advising

3rd Floor Nicholson Tower
2329 Notre Dame Avenue
Antigonish NS B2G 2W5