Hiring Process

We provide a flexible hiring model that helps infuse fresh talent and a bright innovative perspective into corporations, government departments, and non-for-profits without recruitment deadlines or ranking. Once the job has been approved as a co-op role, it will be posted on our General Co-op Moodle page that all co-op students can access.

Building a solid recruitment talent pool starts with integrating students into the workplace and we believe this can be achieved through co-op.

The Process
  1. Submit job description for co-op approval and posting to @email. The job description must include job duties, start and end dates of position, the location of workplace, rate of pay, closing date of position, and method to apply.
  2. Receive and review applications, select successful candidates to interview, indicate your availability (with at least 24 hours’ notice). Co-op staff will arrange interviews on campus, via telephone, or video conference.
  3. Extend offers of employment via the Co-op Office. We will facilitate the contract and provide students 48 hours to receive and access the offer to accept or reject. The Co-op Office will keep a student's letter of offer as proof the student was hired for a specified period of time. Letters of offers must include at a minimum, start date, end date, hours per week, and any other information the employer deems important to include in the letter of offer.

Over the past couple of years, StFX co-op students have been paid between $18-$35/hour CAD (before deductions) and have worked between 35-40 hours/week for a minimum of 13 weeks in a four-month semester. Wages can be dependent on the number of work terms completed, course work completed, location, and employer. Salaries and wages are subject to change based on the labour market and industry. The rates are presented in Canadian dollars per week before deductions.

Recruitment Cycle

Organizations should advertise their co-op opportunities at least 5-6 months before the start date. For example, if you are looking to hire a student in May, start advertising your position from November to January. A start in September, advertising from March to May. For a January start, advertise your position August to October. Organizations are encouraged to advertise early in order to have access to the largest co-op student pool.





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