Student Resources

Welcome, current StFX graduate students! Here, you’ll find the information and resources needed for completion of your degree. Please note that the StFX Academic Calendar is the definitive guide to academic regulations. For more detailed information on a particular graduate program, please contact your department Graduate Student Coordinator. 


Guide to Graduate Studies


Policies and Procedures


Research and Thesis

Being Successful in MA and MSc Programs

Timelines and Keeping on Track 

Pursing a graduate degree is but a single important step in a student’s overall training and career development. Staying focused to complete in a timely matter can have significant professional benefits. It is highly recommended that graduate students be proactive in constructing personalized timelines that incorporate the various aspects of the program, as well as the details of required coursework and the thesis research project (if applicable). This helps students clarify program requirements and deadlines, helps keep expectations realistic, and helps avoid surprises and delays later in the program. 

Student - Supervisor Relationships

The relationship between student and supervisor is key to the success of students in thesis-based graduate programs. To support the success of such relationships, StFX Graduate Studies adheres to the “Guiding Principles for Graduate Student Supervision” as endorsed by the Canadian Association of Graduate Studies. These Guiding Principles “underscore that at the core of successful supervisor-graduate student relationships are mutual respect and professionalism.” Guiding Principles for Graduate Student Supervision

Financial Matters

Most MA and MSc students receive funding support to offset the costs of tuition and cover some living costs for the 24 months of their program.   

More details are available here

Forms for thesis-based students

Please note that not all forms are required by every department.  Some departments may also require additional forms that are not included on this website.  Please consult with your Graduate Studies co-ordinator or Department Chair for further information. 

StFX Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award

Presented at Spring Convocation to up to 2 students (one from the Faculty of Arts/Science and one from the Faculty of Education), the StFX Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award recognizes exemplary scholarship and advancement of knowledge. More information is available here.


Graduate Studies at StFX is a decentralized faculty and department-based set of programs and there is diversity between regulations for specific graduate programs. For more detailed information on a particular graduate program, please contact your department Graduate Student Coordinator.