Program Overview:

About Psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. It is often the key to better understanding ourselves and others, and why we as humans do the things we do. Studying psychology at StFX will give you insight into the ways that psychological scientists pose research questions, investigate those questions, and apply it to solve problems in the real world. 

Why Study Psychology at StFX? 

As a psychology student at StFX, you will have opportunities to gain first-hand experience with psychological research in our lab courses by working with your professors, lab instructors, and senior honours students. Many of our courses also have service learning options, and some have Work Integrated Learning experiences, enabling you to apply your knowledge in a variety of settings.  

In our program, you will receive a foundation in basic psychological science with the opportunity to choose from a wide selection of courses that give you a depth of knowledge in various branches of Psychology, including forensic, gender, developmental, social and personality, abnormal, cultural, biopsychology, and health. 

There are many program options for students invested in pursuing Psychology, including: 

  • B.A. major or honours in Psychology 
  • B.Sc. major or honours in Psychology 
  • Direct entry four-year Applied Forensic Psychology program  

First Year at a Glance

The field of psychology is vast and compelling, and is sure to include something of interest for everyone. In the first year, the introductory psychology courses cover the basic concepts and methods of psychological science, including research methodology, neuroscience, clinical and forensic psychology, and more. These broad courses allow students to engage with and better understand the various branches of study within the field. 

Future Opportunities

After completing their Psychology degree, many StFX students successfully compete for placements in graduate and professional programs across Canada and abroad.  

Many of our graduates are now engaged in a variety of dynamic careers, including but not limited to: 

  • Correctional Officer
  • Education / Teacher
  • Human Resources
  • Lawyer
  • Medicine / Physician
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Professor
  • Psychologist
  • Social Worker

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