Program Overview:

About The Master of Adult Education Program

The Master of Adult Education (MAdEd) program at St. Francis Xavier University focuses on the links between theory and practice in a variety of sectors that involve adult education and learning, including community contexts, community colleges, and the health sector, among others. We believe that adults have accumulated a rich repertoire of experience that they can tap as a source of knowledge. The more adults are aware of and systematically reflect on their wealth of experiences at work, play, and service, the more they learn and can apply these learnings in a myriad of ways.  

Why study Master Of Adult Education at StFX?

In times of rapid change, professional, workplace, and community-based learning is the key to successful adaptation, growth, and resilience. Designed for busy professionals who need to think critically, we are Canada's oldest distance and part-time Master of Adult Education program.  

For more than fifty years, participants have said that our faculty demonstrate exceptional "individual concern for students, and helpfulness" and have the capacity to "relate issues to the broader adult education field".  

Program at a glance

This 30-credit Master of Adult Education program offers two options of study: 

  • a course-based option (ten 3-credit courses) 
  • a thesis-based option (six 3-credit courses plus a 12-credit thesis). Students planning to pursue further studies should consider the thesis-based option. 

Courses are delivered in a combination of synchronous and asynchronous formats and timeframes (late afternoon, evening, and some weekends). 

Students have a three-year candidacy period within which to complete all program requirements. 

There is no residency requirement in this program.

Concentration in Adult Education and Health

The Department of Adult Education at StFX University is offering a part-time, online Master of Adult Education (M.Ad.Ed.) program with a concentration in Adult Education and Health. This program is developed for those interested in teaching and learning in a wide variety of health settings (i.e., healthcare, higher education, community health etc.). Each course focuses on the links between theory and practice at the intersection of adult education and health, with health equity and critical social justice as key concerns. 

Future Opportunities 

  • Community Development
  • Health
  • Higher Education
  • Human Resources
  • Not For Profit
  • Vocational Instructor
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