Program Overview:

About Social Justice Colloquium

Do you care deeply about the inequities that exist in our world? Are you passionate about making a difference? Are you looking for a unique and engaging approach to the first year of your Bachelor of Arts program? If so, the Social Justice Colloquium is for you.  

Why Study the Social Justice Colloquium at StFX?

As a Social Justice Colloquium student, you will explore the human experience from our pre-human roots to the diversity of our present-day lives around the world. You will ask questions about why some people have more opportunities in life than others. You will explore whether others around the world share your assumptions about the importance of family, community, happiness, material possessions, and technology.  

The Social Justice Colloquium will help you to develop an understanding of how social change movements have improved and influenced our society. Your classroom learning will be enriched with meaningful service work in the Antigonish community, and you will integrate this experiential learning with your academic studies. 

What Will the Year Look Like?

Participants are enrolled in dedicated sections of Anthropology, Global History and Women’s & Gender Studies. The instructors work together to coordinate their teaching so that you learn about social justice from various perspectives. In addition, you will complete a service-learning experience that will be interwoven with your academic learning. Through theory and practice, you will become a better student and a more engaged member of the community. 

Service-Learning Opportunities

As a member of the Social Justice Colloquium, you will complete a service assignment as a core part of your learning. Service-learning experiences give you a unique opportunity to serve and to learn from the people in the community of Antigonish. You will work with a local non-profit organization and think critically about the experience through class discussions and assignments. In this way, your service experience will both complement and enrich your learning. 

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