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We fully expect you will have questions and we strive to make finding answers to those questions as easy as possible. Please browse the website and/or try our search function. Below you will find info for our most frequently contacted departments. We're more than happy to help. 


Prospective students: @email
General: @email
Phone: 1.902.867.2219

Office of the Registrar

Email: @email
Toll Free 1.888.734.7839
Phone: 1.902.867.2160

Residence Life

Email: @email
Phone: 1.902.867.5106


Accessible Learning

Email: @email
Phone: 1.902.867.5349



Email: @email
Phone: 1.902.867.3678


Business Office

Email: @email
Phone: 1.902.867.2123/3738


IT Services

Email: @email
Phone: 1.902.867.2356


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