Program Overview:

About Art

Visual Art is a powerful means of communicating social, political, and spiritual ideologies. Our goal in the Art Department is to teach StFX students the importance of understanding images. From the history of art, spanning centuries of artistic achievement to contemporary self-expression in the studio, StFX offers students an exciting learning environment led by art historians and professional artists. 

Why Study Art at StFX?

StFX is unique in offering Studio Art courses to all students, regardless of previous experience. No portfolio is required. Studio Art courses are taught by professional artists who have a profound working knowledge of their respective media. You will learn and master a wide array of creative techniques and explore drawing, printmaking, painting, ceramics, textiles, photography and filmmaking to understand the fundamental principles of visual culture. 

Art History explores artworks in their social and historical context. Courses include art and architecture from prehistory to the modern day, including thematic explorations of the body in art, classical mythology in art, and the work of women artists. At its basis, Art History asks how art responds to social, political, religious, philosophical, and historical events and theories: in short, it studies what cultures value.  

Students have several options to incorporate Art into their education at StFX. This includes: 

  • A Minor in Studio Art 
  • A Minor or Subsidiary in Art History 
  • Art courses as electives 

First Year at a Glance

In the first year, you will begin a course of study in Studio Art that provides a sound basis for upper-level courses in a wide range of media, with advanced techniques or specialized topics such as tapestry weaving, anatomical and botanical illustration, and filmmaking. In Art History, your introductory courses survey art and architecture from pre-history to the modern day and provide a firm foundation for further understanding how works of art explore what societies value. 

Future Opportunities

In a world where we are increasingly bombarded with images, understanding how images are made and what they mean is vital. Art can open the door to a wide range of careers, including:

  • Animation
  • Arts Management
  • Communications and Design
  • Education / Teacher
  • Marketing
  • Medical Illustration
  • Museum Curator
  • Photographer
  • Web Design

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