About Equity, Diversity & Inclusion at StFX

StFX recognizes that we are stronger when we honour our differences. Valuing and promoting equity, diversity and inclusion creates a campus community where we support the needs and aspirations of our students, faculty and staff through creative, adaptable and inclusive practice and policies. We provide opportunities to members of all communities to participate, engage and belong. 

Diversity recognizes the value in different ways of being, thinking and knowing. Diversity honours the ways in which our differences enrich our institution. These differences can be both visible (e.g., gender expression, age) and less visible (e.g., culture, ancestry) and includes different world views and experiences. StFX recognizes that diversity and academic excellence are interwoven. Cultivating diversity provides a strategic advantage by fostering creativity and innovation while eliminating barriers to personal growth and intellectual achievement. 

Equity acknowledges that there are historical and current marginalized and underrepresented populations, and that this disequilibrium can only be corrected through fair and just processes. We commit to challenging bias, harassment, discrimination and structural inequities in our institution so that students, faculty and staff have fair access to equal opportunities. 

Inclusion honours diversity in all its forms. It promotes belonging, purpose and safety. StFX strives to create a welcoming environment so that all members of our community can contribute their full potential. We commit to creating vibrant, inclusive communities within StFX.