Visiting Graduate Students

Visiting Graduate Studies Research Students (also called “non-degree visiting students”) are students enrolled in graduate programs at other universities, but who work with a supervisor at StFX to further their research. Visiting Graduate Research students do not normally take StFX courses and do not receive a stipend.  
For safety and insurance reasons, all visiting students must be registered in the StFX system.  


  1. StFX Faculty member contacts office of the AVP Research and Graduate Studies. 
  2.  Student completes StFX application for Graduate Studies (part 1) and submits letters of support from a) home institution and b) StFX supervisor. 
  3.  AVPR issues a formal letter of invitation. 

Memorial University Agreement 

StFX has a special arrangement with Memorial University in Newfoundland for MUN PhD students who are co-supervied by a StFX faculty member.  Students must complete the StFX Graduate Student application (Part 1) as well as the StFX - MUN Visiting PhD Student Form.