Program Overview:

About Political Science

Politics is central to addressing the shared concerns of citizens, and political science highlights the underlying forces that drive and constrain power and government. As a StFX Political Science student, you will study how power is used in politics and public life. This involves the analysis of government structures, historical political trends and the role of ideas and ideologies in politics, both nationally and globally.  

Why Study Political Science at StFX?

The Political Science department at StFX is a dynamic scholarly environment where research and teaching flourish together. It is a place where you can feel comfortable debating current issues in the classroom and beyond in order to broaden your understanding of the political world. You can have close contact with your professors and fellow students in a positive, accessible setting for learning.  

At StFX, you can pursue a major, advanced major and honours degree in political science as well as a joint major and honours with subsidiary options. Political science courses at StFX are organized into four sub-fields: 

  • Political Theory deals with the great political thinkers and ideas from the classics of political thought to contemporary debates about freedom, equality, rights, identity, community, and justice. 
  • Canadian Government and Politics examine politics in Canada, how this country's government institutions work, and how the Canadian government is influenced by the pressures and demands from society in a global setting. 
  • Comparative Politics explores the evolution and diversity of governments in both developing and developed states. It also analyzes the differences and similarities between government systems in different regions of the world. 
  • International Relations studies the international state system. This includes relations among states and the nature of institutions and power in the global arena. It also explores the political, military, cultural, economic, and ideological factors affecting the behaviour of states and international organizations in world politics. 

First Year at a Glance

The introductory courses in Political Science provide a preliminary overview of the discipline  in all four major subfields. In year one, you will explore key concepts, theories and methods which can be brought to the study of power in society. This involves an examination of ideologies, governmental institutions, political regimes, and processes in both the developed and developing worlds.

Future Opportunities

Political Science provides a good foundation for further study in law, public administration, journalism, community planning, urban studies, environmental studies, and other areas.

Political Science students have numerous options for their career paths, including but not limited to:

  • Consultant
  • Journalist
  • Lawyer
  • Media
  • Political Communications
  • Public Office

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