Centre for Biofouling Research

The Centre for Biofouling Research is an interdisciplinary team researching biofouling and cost effective and environmentally friendly antifouling solutions to manage biofouling. Biofouling occurs worldwide in various industries including offshore oil and gas drilling, aquaculture, and shipping. There is a large demand for non-toxic antifouling solutions with low maintenance and lifecycle costs. The Centre designs antifouling technologies and demonstrates the effectiveness of these biofouling resistant surfaces for submerged infrastructure. We tend to focus on (but are not limited to) colder ocean conditions such as those found in the North Atlantic. 

For more details on who we are and our research, check out our publications here.

Students and Postdocs! Are you interesting in biofouling or antifouling technologies? Please contact us if you are interested in applying to join our team. 

Interested in testing your antifouling technology? We have the capacity to run static and dynamic field tests at a variety of locations with a range of fouling species. Please contact us to start a conversation.

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Dr. Russell Wyeth