The StFX-AUT Collective Agreement Article 2.7.2 Section 5.1 outlines the required University Indirect Cost (Overhead) Rates on research grants and contracts, as follows:

Overhead charges to cover indirect costs of research must be included in all applicable research grants, research contracts, and contribution agreements as a cost item. The University shall normally include a flat rate overhead charge of 25% to cover the indirect costs of research in any external research funding application or agreement (including research contracts and funds used to leverage support from other funding programs). This excludes Tri-Agency grants (which are covered by the federal Research Support Fund), as well as Canada Foundation for Innovation project grants. Where a contractor or sponsor (including a government agency) has an established policy that specifies an overhead rate that is different from the StFX University rate, the University will accept that rate if it is verified by the contractor or external sponsor in a way that is acceptable to the University. Grants from U.S. Government Agencies and from U.S. universities are usually treated as contracts, and overhead must be included in budgets at the U.S. Government rate.

Please refer to the StFX Policy on External Research Funding Applications and Agreements for more information.


Policy on External Research Funding Applications and Agreements