What not to bring?

We prepared a detailed list of suggested items for you:click here

Please note: Do not apply string/strip lights to walls as they damage the paint. 

Please find more information on our Facebook page: @stfxhousing 

How are residence assignments handled? 

After you confirm your attendance to StFX by paying your $100 confirmation fee to Admissions, @email, contact @email for more information. 

Can I room with someone I already know? 

Both applicants must name each other as their roommate preference on the residence application.  Email @email

Can I find out who my roommate is? 

Students will receive roommate contact information after room assignments are sent out. 

What if I want a different room assignment? 

Contact @email with your top building and room type preference to be placed on a waitlist. You must still accept your assigned room by the given date (June 1st, if you're a new student) to keep a room on campus. 

How do I get a single room? 

Contact @email Single rooms are assigned to students based on the date of confirmation and availability. 

How can I cancel my room assignment? 

New & Returning Students 
Please notify the University Housing Office by email at @email

What is my new mailing address? 

Student Name 
StFX University 
5555 Union Place 
Antigonish, NS B2G 2W5 

Where do I pick up my mail? 

Mail is delivered by Canada Post to the University on a daily basis. Correspondence from the University will also be delivered to your on-campus mailbox. All student mailboxes are located in the Bloomfield Centre. Please note that mailboxes are shared. Contact email: @email 

Where do I go to send my mail? 

There is a mail drop located at the post office counter on the first floor the Bloomfield Centre. All of your mailing can be done at this station. They sell stamps as well. 

Can I receive a package?

When a student receives a parcel, a notice is left in their mailbox. Parcels may be collected by presenting the notice and proper ID to the Post Office. 

Campus Map

What is my payment schedule? 

Please visit Financial Services for full payment schedule. 

What happens if I plan to vacate my residence room? 

Please read your University Housing Contract carefully. If you are considering vacating your residence room, first discuss the possibility with the University Housing Office to understand your potential financial penalty.