Quality of Life Committee

StFX’s Quality of Life Committee is leading the development of the StFX Student Experience and Opportunity Plan. The Committee is comprised of 15 members including faculty, staff and students representing various areas of the university. Additionally, there are resource leads engaged throughout the planning process to provide guidance and subject-matter expertise.  

StFX University Senate - Quality Of Life Committee

  • Elizabeth Yeo, Vice-President, Students (Co-Chair)
  • Jacqueline De Leebeeck, Director, Student Life
  • Larissa Strong, Director, Office of Internationalization
  • Margie MacKinnon, Director, Health, Counselling and Accessible Learning
  • Leo MacPherson, Director, Athletics and Recreation
  • Megan Fogarty, Manager, Human Rights and Equity
  • Carolyn DeLorey, Collections Librarian
  • Holly Richardson, Faculty Senator 
  • Kara Thompson, Faculty Senator
  • Shah Razul, Faculty Senator (on sabbatical)
  • Naomi Stobart,, Student Union Vice President Academic
  • Kali Beaton, Student Union Vice President Activities and Events 
  • Dylan Clark, Student Representative
  • John Harding, Student Representative 

Full Terms of Reference for the Quality of Life Committee are posted online, including: An overview of the Committee; Membership and Procedure; and, the Selection Process. 


While the Senate Quality of Life Committee is leading this planning exercise, three focused sub-committees are responsible for completing tasks necessary to bring the project to conclusion. The Sub-Committees will provide recommendations to advance StFX’s work in the following strategic areas. Leads for each group are in bold.

Mental Health and Well-being

Students feel supported in their personal journey and academic journey through accessible programs and services that promote, inspire and foster whole health and well-being. 

  • Margie MacKinnon 
  • Elizabeth Yeo 
  • Ivan Drouin 
  • Claire Betkers 
  • Leo MacPherson 
  • Kara Thompson 
  • Lily Turnbull 
  • Hunter Park

Experiential Learning

Students can articulate the knowledge they acquire through academic and non-academic engagement; learning that expands their adaptability for the future of work, skills that empower them to define their unique pathway for individual success, and values that demonstrate social responsibility.  

  • Elizabeth Yeo 
  • Jane MacDonald 
  • Megan Turner 
  • Gracie Fleet 
  • Margaret Gillis 

First-Year Experience

All first-year students at StFX have access to resources, programs and initiatives that support meaningful and authentic campus connections, which build the foundation for their personal success and continued academic achievement.  

  • Jacqueline De Leebeeck  
  • Elizabeth Yeo 
  • Bob Hale 
  • Kyler Bell 
  • Matthew Girard 
  • Brian Scriver 
  • Sophia Fabiano 
  • Rodrigo Soares 
  • Margaret Gillis